Approaching Environmental Sustainability: A View from Midsize Companies

Read on to explore full survey results from the SAP Insights report, Business Reimagined: Sustainability as Strategy for Growth.

A recent global study by SAP Insights shows that taking action toward greater sustainability isn’t just good for the planet: some businesses also see it as a path to increased profitability and competitiveness.

But how are midsize companies creating strategies for sustainability, and how are they incorporating it into their operations? To find out, we surveyed companies with annual revenues of US$1 billion or less, then divided them into three distinct groups. The smallest companies, with revenues of $50 million to $249 million, account for 40% of all midsize respondents. Those in the middle, with revenues of $250 million to $749 million, are another 40%. The largest, with revenues of $750 million to $999 million, are the remaining 20%.

Pie chart depicting overview of respondents based on revenue

Top Categories of Findings


Respondents see revenue and profit opportunities in sustainability, but regulations and the commitment of top leadership and the board are bigger motivators.


Integrating sustainability into current operations is a big concern for midsize companies.

Data quality

Midsize respondents are frustrated with their sustainability data.

Data dissatisfaction drivers

When data is difficult to work with, insights wither.

Financial materiality

The perception of how soon sustainability will financially impact midsize companies varies.

Impact on profitability

Companies overwhelmingly recognize that sustainability is intertwined with their bottom lines.
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Impact on competitiveness

Companies see a strong link between sustainability and their long-term competitive advantage, no matter their revenue size.

Impact on strategic and operational decisions

If you aren’t thinking about sustainability in strategic and operational terms, you’re in the minority.

Investment priorities

Businesses prioritize investing in mitigating air and water pollution and the impacts of solid waste.

Business Reimagined: Sustainability as Strategy for Growth

Read our full report to learn about the link between sustainability and business performance for midsize companies.