The Changing Mission of Learning and Development

Learning and Development professionals have a new challenge: to nurture talent that does what machines, automation, and AI cannot.

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Six Drivers of the Future of Corporate Learning

We’re in the midst of a once-in-a-generation change in the ways people work. Learning and Development has the opportunity to make it a change for the better.

What’s Shaping the Future of Corporate Learning?

Six forces are changing the mission of Learning and Development professionals and the future of work. Get an overview here:

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Is Your Business Ready for the “New-Collar” Worker?

Tech roles are even harder to fill due to digital transformation’s demands. Many organizations are hiring a new breed of IT candidate, with proven skills but without a four-year college degree. Getting the payoff requires new HR strategies.

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How to Nurture Relationships with Your Contract Workers

Hiring external contractors is the “talent as a service” approach to staffing, and like any other shift to an “as a service” model, it takes planning to avoid common pitfalls and build great experiences for everyone involved.

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When Microlearning Met Gamification

It’s a match made in heaven. Training served in micro chunks and reinforced regularly works better than lengthy workshops. Add game elements in the right places, and learner engagement skyrockets.

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Spotlight: Gamification Helps Our Employees Learn Cybersecurity

At SAP, we build immersive game worlds such as escape rooms and haunted houses to make training stick. Here’s what we’ve learned.