The Future Customer Experience: Five Essential Trends

The future of the customer experience will be an expression of our deepest instinctive human behaviors—at warp speed and exponential scale—egged on by advances in technology.

The Future Customer Experience: Five Key Trends

AI engines are the new intermediaries between companies and customers in the buying decision.

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The Future Customer Experience: 5 Essential Trends

As technology innovates so will the customer experience. Examine five trends that will affect the future customer experience and learn how to respond now.

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Digital Social Objects: The Emotional Glue of Customer Experiences

Stop thinking of social media as words and pictures and start thinking of it as an object: emotionally engaging, interactive, and easily shareable.

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When AI Does the Shopping, Every Price Is Negotiable

When customers’ AI assistants are making the purchases, sellers need to be ready to haggle on everything with an algorithm.

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Ethics: The New Driver of Purchasing Tastes

Your target customers are letting their values and ethics guide their buying. Are you using moral design to demonstrate that you stand with them?

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