Human Factor in AI: Human Skills for the Digital Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting better at performing complex human tasks.

In an increasingly automated world, we will have to redefine our value by recognizing and nurturing skills that are uniquely human.

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Technology evolves. So must we.

Uniquely human abilities

AI is excellent at automating routine knowledge work and generating new insights from existing data. Humans have curiosity about the things we don’t yet know. 

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There’s nothing soft about ‘soft skills’

To stay ahead of AI in an increasingly automated world, we need to start cultivating our most human abilities on a societal level. There’s nothing soft about these skills, and we can’t afford to leave them to chance.

We must revamp how and what we teach to nurture the critical skills of passion, curiosity, imagination, creativity, critical thinking, and persistence. In the era of AI, no one will be able to thrive without these abilities, and most people will need help acquiring and improving them.

Anything artificial intelligence does has to fit into a human-centered value system that takes our unique abilities into account. While we help AI get more powerful, we need to get better at being human.

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