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Customer Experience feature image

The Future Customer Experience: Five Essential Trends

The future of the customer experience will be an expression of our deepest instinctive human behaviors—at warp speed and exponential […]

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Capacity Capture: A New Approach to Discovering Business Value

Untapped value is hiding in plain sight throughout every organization. The key is knowing how to find it.

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Digital Transformation Executive Study: 4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart

When it comes to digital transformation, companies that fail to get beyond an incremental mindset—and view technology as a tool […]

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The Interconnectors: A New Mindset for Value Creation

Adapting to today’s economy requires a new mindset: a focus on interconnecting business operations and the experiences of a vast group of stakeholders.

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The Future B2B Customer Experience: Five Essential Trends

Business-to-business providers used to be able to keep pace with changes in the buying process. But the nature of purchasing is changing so fundamentally that traditional marketing and selling techniques can no longer keep up.

Making the Most of Machine Learning: 5 Lessons from Fast Learners

There are clear indications that organizations are using ML to significantly improve performance across the breadth of their operations. Some […]

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Creating the Cities of the Future

Just as businesses are embracing a future driven by the customer experience, cities need to develop a collaborative, responsive, and personalized urban experience with their constituents.