Sustainability: A Business Process Power-Up

When business leaders decide how they will manage and improve their businesses, they leverage sustainability as a key strategy.

We asked more than 11,000 senior executives from around the world about their priorities for revenue growth, operational efficiency, and risk management. Respondents confirmed that they see a direct link between making their products and processes sustainable and increasing their revenue and efficiency. These findings illuminate the way forward for companies to remain competitive: transform your business processes to be more sustainable and flexible. And get started now. Learn more about our findings.

Revenue Growth Drivers

Sustainability is a top revenue driver, and it lies at the core of some respondents’ growth strategies.

Efficiency Drivers

Operating sustainably is important to gaining greater efficiency.

Future Global Risks

Leaders see future business risks stemming from a wide range of economic and social concerns, including climate change.

Risk Reducers

In the near term, businesses will be focused on reducing rooted in current threats.

Process-Enabling Technologies

Businesses are turning to technologies that help them improve processes that came under pressure during the pandemic.

Critical Areas for Innovation

Respondents see sustainability as an essential area for business innovation.

Competition and Profitability

Successful business transformation is critical to companies’ long-term profitability and competitiveness.

Needs for Process Change

To improve their processes, businesses need to become more flexible, agile, and collaborative.

Process Transformation Journey

Many companies expect to still be in the earliest stages of business transformation in two years.
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Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Financial Metrics