New Technology for Preserving Biodiversity

Of the nine critical planetary boundaries that keep Earth’s environment stable and resilient enough to support life, the closest to being breached is biodiversity. Hundreds of thousands of species are at risk of extinction, which endangers the systems that meet humanity’s most basic needs.

New technology for biodiversity conservation can help reduce the strain on ecosystems so our pursuit of a higher global standard of living doesn’t destroy them.

Technology can accelerate the healing. 

Hybrid image, one side is robotic nerve, other side is a digital shell

The business case for biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation protects the natural ecosystems that underpin every industry — regulating climate, purifying water, cycling nutrients, and more.  We can generate an estimated US$10.1 trillion in business opportunities each year and create 395 million new jobs by 2030 – all while showing customers that we share their environmental concerns.

Technology for the planet

Scientists are collaborating to support biodiversity on a global scale by:

Targeting specific conservation issues

Technology can help biodiversity preservation in ways that humans can’t:

Repairing broken ecosystems

Given enough time and protection from human incursion, even harmed ecosystems like the Chernobyl region can begin to recover. Technology can accelerate the healing:

We have the opportunity to apply technological innovation to conserving and restoring biodiversity for the benefit of the whole planet.

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